This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: Albanella is Dead :

By aediorama

Albanella table lamp designed by S.Brazzoli & E.Lampa that I'm presented in 6.5.2008.
Came from Italian guy with a very bad packing I have ever seen. :(

(8:50 pm 30.06.08)

: astrea gallery :

By aediorama

I would like to say: Thank you very much to Satoshi Yokohama the big collector from Japan for introduce me in your blog. Thanks for many valuable photo,great information and inspired me.

This is my favorite website ever :
astrea-gallery : Hope to see you soon in japan.

Best Regards,

(2:59 pm 28.06.08)


: ARENA shooting day :

By aediorama

My another good opportunity from P'Lor.. He work for ARENA magazine Thailand and will put it in the collector part in next issue. Many Thanks to all of you guys, for great photos,
great teamwork, and Thanks to make it happen.

It's must be a great part in ARENA magazine Thailand in next issue.....

(18:13 pm 27.06.08)


: Acrilica Day :

By aediorama

Today I'm went to pick up "Acrilica" table lamp at Premio lamps shop on Sukhumvit Rd. There also have one Egg chair with ottoman and two Swan chairs in black leather by Arne Jacobsen.

When arrived home, Very beautiful when turn it on in the dark room. I've to very take care of it because it's very easy to get some scratch on acrylic skin.

(10:11pm 26.06.08)


: Heart Chair :

By aediorama

Heart Chair designed by Verner Panton denmark 1959,  

"Most people spend their lives living in  dreary , beige conformity , mortally afraid of using color. The main propose of my work is to provoke people using their imagination and make their surroundings more exciting." - Verner Panton

Very attractive for me.  This one... a must too.

-Verner Panton in his Heart chair. 

(3:47 pm  22.06.08)


: Weltron 2005,2007 lid :

By aediorama
Many of Weltron UFO turntable has missing lid or broken. Because the low quality of the plastic in 70s and it's have only 3 little lock nuts at the hinge that very high risk to damage.

Just brought it for spare part. It's a reproduction lid in very good quality and detail made from a guy in australia. This one waiting for 6 months.

(2:02 pm  16.06.08)  

: MIB :

By aediorama

Back to 2002 MIIB very nice poster Mr. Jones & Mr. Smith on spaceage egg chair.
But the important part is in Mr. Jones's hand, Where can I get this one?   

(1:40 pm  16.06.08)  


: Weltron 2001 :

By aediorama
Weltron model 2001 in yellow with original box from 1970s!  
I've to wrap the box for keep it still in good condition.

It's still in very very good condition in bright shine yellow color no mark or scratch with pair of Weltron 2003 speakers in matching color. All of Weltron portable series also came with original instruction manuals too. But I'm so lazy to take some picture of them. 
So I got model 2001 in yellow
              model 2004 in orange
              model 2010 in white
that's all enough.. :)
(3:05 am  16.06.08)

: Weltron(GEC) 2004 :

By aediorama
 Orange Weltron model 2004 or GEC 2004, (GEC is under brand Weltron but only on sale in Australia) with pair of Weltron model 2003 speakers.  Orange is rarest color than white and yellow. 

Last month.. I found orange set in eBay. It's got highest end of auction prices that I never seen high bid on this set like this before. about $2125 !! I've to keep it and use it when I'm broke.
But Thank god it's monday...

(2:49 am  16.6.08)

: Weltron2010 :

By aediorama
Weltron model 2010 with match pair of external Weltron model 2003 speakers(hard to find more than radio) in white color.Radio dial look like a spaceman face. It's also have a 8 track stereo tape recorder.

(00:19 am  11.06.08)

: i t a l i a :

By aediorama

: I ♥ auctions :

By aediorama
Now on eBay live auctions.. great 60-70s stuff.

Left : "PP-502" by Hans J. Wegner 1955, very beautiful office chair. (starts at EUR 4,000)
Middle : "Ultrafragola" Mirror h.195cm. by Ettore Sottsass 1970, (starts at EUR 3,500) 
Right : "RR 126" in wooden case (starts at EUR 900)

Left : "Tube Chair" by Joe Colombo 1969, (starts at EUR 3,000)
Right : "Bazaar"seating environment by Superstudio 1968, (starts at US $35,000) 
And many more..

I love auctions but in this case.. Just look to the prices and pass it away.
Somethings... Someday...

(00:20 am  7.06.2008)

: rr-126 coming soon:

By aediorama
Fortunately, This one is coming soon....

(4:20 pm  3.06.2008)


: Brionvega rr-126 :

By aediorama
Designed by Pier Giacomo Castiglioni & Achille Castiglioni for Brionvega, Italy 1965.
made from laminated wood, plastic, metal. Also have built-in radio and records player.
This is will be the last big radio that I've to get it. (Is it enough?) 
And then I'll pay attention to searching chairs and lamps... :) 

(11:15 pm  1.06.2008) 


: Next Chair :

By aediorama
Next chair I'm looking for is...
Karuselli chair designed by Yrjo Kukkapuro ,Finland 1965. (Haimi Company)
Inspired by when designer sit in the deep snow. It's gonna be very comfortably chair.

Now still waiting... (Not for chair.. but for the money!!) haha  

(1:25 pm  1.06.2008)