This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: I ... Judd :

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: Chiara :

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Chiara lamp designed by Mario Bellini for Flos (Italy) 1964,
Coming Soon....

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: Jesada Technik :

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During Thailand New Year traditional long holiday. We went to Thai serious classic car collector "Jesada Technik Museum" at Nakornchaisri , Nakorn Patom province.  
It's 45 min from the center of Bangkok. 
OK here we go~

DMC  Delorean... I like it,
What is it??
3 wheels car...
Future vehicle? 
NY Cab...
Cute fish car & Tons of Mercedes with rare engine block and option...
Thai vintage 10 wheels truck....
He have 2 helicopters...
London Bus & School Bus...
Fire engine & Many classic Vespa and Lambretta...
He also have a plane and transport helicopter etc,.... 
I've no idea how that he brought all of them.
But now we waiting for his Russian Submarine!!...(Yes.. Submarine, I'm not kidding...)
Free entry, open everyday 11 am - 5 pm.

Here's 80% of his collection and all of them own by Mr. Jesada

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: Nagel 2 :

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Unbelievable~ They can grow up.... 

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