This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: Rosita console :

By aediorama
Different radio console from Vision 2000 but made from same company. (Rosita)
Sometimes I can reach a radio signal from france or italy radio station by shortwave signal.

Saturday Chill... listen to the radio. And thinking about song from vinyl then.. 
yeah!  ModernDog vinyl.. always love this band.  

rock never die.. dog never lie..   remember?

(5:25 pm  31.05.2008)


: Already done :

By aediorama

Vision 2000 after crack from shipping.. Now it's already done.  
Need more external speakers. Now I've to looking for new pair of Grundig Audiorama.

(6:45 pm  30.05.2008)

: Weltron Ad :

By aediorama
Weltron Japan poster Ad. The stand of Weltron 2005 & 2007 is a aluminium.
I never see the real one before. But I think it's look little bit strange... (agree?)

(12:18 am  28.05.2008)

: UFO - - UFO :

By aediorama
"Weltron" UFO radio phonograph in different of 2 models in very good condition. 
Made by Japan Company in 1970s

Left : Weltron 2005 with Weltron 2006 speakers, weltron 2005 have a 8 track player at the front. 2006 external tower speakers is sell to worldwide. See the stand.. This is USA version. 

Right : Weltron 2007 with Weltron 3006 speakers, weltron 2007 have a cassettes player at the front. 3006 external floor speakers is sell only in japan. The tulip stand is Japan version. Overall is a original japan version.

Left : When open the plastic lid...Vintage automatic phonograph with 3 speeds 33,45,78 rpm 

Right : When the power is on, Light up the radio dial.. very fantastic designed from 70s  
8 tracks tape...  Do you like rock? no.. I'm prefer d.i.s.c.o!

(6:45 pm  27.05.2008)

: Vision 2000 arrived :

By aediorama
From BFS Cargo Suvarnabhumi Airport. Spend about 6 hours for customs processing and about 10 document check points for get the parcel out.(what a complicate customs in THA?!?)

Unfortunately.. have some crack at the tape deck point during shipping. that make some scratch line to the plastic dome. I'll fix it and post the complete condition later.

Shipping is delay for 3 days because some mistake from the Germany courier. This Vision 2000 out from Germany to Finland(Finair service) then go to HongKong then go to Bangkok but missing cargo. It's back to Finland and back directly to Bangkok. woww...


: Dumbbell :

By aediorama

JVC model 8008 radio transistor made in 70s by Japan Company.
You can call a Dumbbell Radio. It's only AM that sometime I use for listen Thai Folk Song.
Or in my local call "Luk Tung" music. you know? :)  

(9:21 pm  23.5.2008)

: Samet :

By aediorama

Go to "Koh Samet" for 3 days. 
Go for living!! wooo....

(8:36 am 21.5.2008) 

: Acrilica :

By aediorama
                         (sorry for poor picture)
Acrilica Lamp on Acrylic table.. I never seen very beautiful table like this before.
If I brought Acrilica lamp on next month.. Someday I've to custom made this table for sure!  

(3:27 pm  14.5.2008)

: Estimate :

By aediorama
Price from worldwide market increase year by year. I'm so lucky to have one. 
If I buy from europe.. it's very hard work for sure.

(3:17 pm  14.5.2008)

: Grand Star :

By aediorama

"Grand Star" Radio FM/AM with Flip clock and alarm. 
I got it for 2 in mint condition with original manual and box. 
One is for sell as 6,000.- baht. If you interest, please contact me.

(1:59 pm  10.5.2008)

: Sunball :

By aediorama

"Sunball" Very rare sofa.. designed by Herbert Selldorf & Gunter Ris for Rosenthal 1969.
According to Herbert Selldorf only 30 were ever produced.

I heard that may be... one of Sunball came to Thailand in 70's But Where is it now!!!

(5:23 pm  8.5.2008) 


: When it arrived :

By aediorama

When it arrived... Very contrast with chinese furniture in background. (laugh) 

Waiting to move it into my space..

(12:07 pm  8.5.2008)


: Coming Soon.. :

By aediorama

"Albanella table lamp"1972, Italy for Harvey Guzzini design house.
Made from plastic with rubber trim and metal base.
Size : H 50 cm. W 60 cm. It's quite big than picture.

Coming soon from Italy...

(3:26 pm 6.5.2008)

: Olivetti Valentine :

By aediorama
Olivetti Valentine typewriter designed by Ettore Sottsass in 1969, Italy 
It's on sell in Valentine's day after World War II. 
Unfortunately Sottsass was die last year on december. I got this one from France.
Now Olivetti Valentine stay in Museum of Modern Art Newyork and many mesuem too. 

p.s. You can type the word "t y p e w r i t e r" in only first of word line of your keyboard.

(2:19 pm  5.5.2008)


: Optic Clock :

By aediorama

"Optic Clock" design by Joe Colombo for Alessi ,Italy   
It's showed in p.168 in "Design of the 2oth Century" book by Taschen.  

I'm looking for a white one.

(10:53 pm  3.5.2008)


: 2nd Elda :

By aediorama
The 2nd beautiful Elda that I've been found in Bangkok in my favorite color
(white body with black leather)
Stay in the modern house of Thai favorite singer. He's a chairs and 60-70s stuffs collector too. 

His band's name "Groove Rider"    ..girls... I bet you like this band.

(12:16 pm  3.5.2008)

: Sanyo Phonosphere :

By aediorama
My Sanyo Phonosphere model RPT-1200 in completely set of 3 that made in 70's Japan company.  It's available in White, Orange, Blue..  
This is a 7" Disco phonograph.. because It's have a mirror ball in the center of the vinyl deck.
You can turn on the light behind a mirror ball. The mirror ball will reflected the light in the sphere plastic dome when it spinning. like a disco 70's style. cool...  

I got the White and Blue from USA, Orange from Japan.
It's also have a AM radio. But I really prefer FM...

(4:38 pm  2.5.2008)