This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: Joe Colombo book :

By aediorama
Got a Joe Colombo book, That appear Elda with almost same material and color.

And some photo from internet. Colorful Elda(what a color taste??) and size compare with Karuselli. 

(2:35 pm  31.07.08) 


: RAD :

By aediorama

RAD (Radified) 1992 debut album.It's quite hard to find I got this one from ebay.  
Ballchair by Aarnio and Vision 2000 in front and back cover. Look nice when put it together. 

So.. let check it out for cool funk jazz music at  enjoy!!

(7:22 pm  29.07.08)


: Happy hour :

By aediorama
Sunday... spend time with dad to fix Albanella lamp. Like a jigsaw (about 30 pieces) 
Little bit hard work. Because the plastic is very thin and easy to break. 

May be I've to lose a Harvey Guzzini decal after the color process.  

But It doesn't matter. Don't you think?

Never give up, we will see. 

(8:26 pm  27.07.08)


: Mezzo Pileo arrived :

By aediorama
Mezzo Pileo designed by Gae Aulenti for Artemide 1972 arrived safety.
Very nice 99% condition with bright white plastic no scratch, like brandnew. 

Turn on the light : emm... beautiful light shade 

It's quite big than I think. But I really like this lamp. So happy!

Want to change my curtain it's 15 years old. I try to keep my stuffs away from dust and need more space or renovate my room.
(5:53 pm  26.07.08)


: Housing Magazine :

By aediorama
"Housing"  Thailand vintage house and interior magazine around 70's appear the interesting photo.
"Sunball" very huge outdoor sofa designed by Herbert Selldorf & Gunter Ris is available in Thailand!

They explain in Thai classic language I don't know how to explain if you not Thai It's about...
It's a very beautiful sofa suit your garden or beside of your swimming pool. You can sitting in it when rain come, but rain can't get inside(??)  You can make and order in that time for a good price(But for rich people).  Anyway I don't know how much of sunball at that time. 
May be some one brought it and put in the outdoor garden somewhere in thailand. 
....Can I spy with google earth? haha

And some column presented Thai International Scandinavian Airlines System. 
Decorated by Orange lounge chair designed by Pierre Paulin for Artifort, 1968  
And front information chair by Arne Jacobsen.   

Nice magazine.. but no more produced.

(3:18 pm  26.07.08)


: Karuselli chair :

By aediorama
After extremely bad time work hard week.  But got some good moment... 

Coming soon.. Karuselli chair by Yjro Kukkapuro. 

(6:40 pm  24.07.08)


: Sofa so good :

By aediorama

First: 3 seats "Saturn" sofa by Yrjo Kukkapuro moulded fibreglass-strengthened plastic. , Upholstered with brown leather. Produced by Haimi Finland 1966.

or --

Second : "Sling" sofa by George Nelson for Herman Miller. Black leather cushions over a leather and rubber sling seat in a chromed tubular steel frame.

Which one you prefer?

(5:52 pm 14.07.08)

: Brionvega RR-126 :

By aediorama

From somewhere in Miami to Bangkok, Come with 2 boxes. Arrived safety!!


Fortunately.. nothing broken or damage during shipping. But need to repair the radio.
Power light up, But no sound. Overall still in good condition but yellowed.

(7:20 pm 13.07.08)

: ARENA Connoisseur July 2008 :

By aediorama
Sample photos from ARENA magazine(Thailand) in Connoisseur column July 2008.
From garage become somewhere in some planet. I love this style..

***All picture Copyright 2008 may not use without written permission.

Hope you enjoy...

(5:53 pm 10.07.08)

: Mezzo Pileo :

By aediorama

Mezzo-Pileo table lamp designed by Gae Aulenti for Artemide 1972, made of molded solid white plastic. I like the light shade of this lamp when adjust the lamp shade. It's also appear on Space : 1999 movie. But in floor lamp model.

Coming soon in next 2 weeks...

(3:13 pm 7.07.08)