This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: Archizoom :

By aediorama

Got attention with "Mies" chair by Archizoom Associati for Poltronova 1968, 
Chromium steel with rubber sling seat, illuminable ottoman the cushions with fur covering.
Look graphic style with triangle shape, contrast with rubber and fur. 
Good for take a nap or read newspaper. Probably will be...

(2:02 am  29.11.08)


: Bored Mob :

By aediorama
After PAD mob take the International airport, You pulling down the Thailand Economic. 
You know? So bored....  We apologized for all of foreign traveler.  
I'm waiting for my lamp and now it very delay... saddd ,get out now!

(3:34 pm  28.11.08)


: Roger Tallon design :

By aediorama
Roger Tallon :  One of my favorite designer in aluminum and stainless steel material design in 70's,   Good combination of aluminum with latex foam.  Latex foam?~...look like some material in guitar case,or the safety package when you brought some electronic things, something like that...

It become one of my wish dining set. 

There're many types of chairs and quite rare for all of them.  
One thing that I really love of Roger Tallon work is Helicoid Staircase produced in a small
edition by Gallery Lacloche.  Of course... it's expensive. 
But worthwhile to pay if we got some good deal.

(3:50 am  24.11.08)


: Ron Fritts :

By aediorama

Illuminate wall panel designed by Ron Fritts in 70's. Big scale with 106.7 x 106.7 x 25.4 cm.
Good to collaboration with Panton ringlamp on the wall. 
Same problem with many of my wish lists, It's very rare! Just a few in US auction. 
Chrome is very nice one.. 

(11:55 am  20.11.08)


: Loy KraThong Day :

By aediorama

Winter coming early in Bangkok... 32˚c at day and about 22˚c at night. Cool weather here.  

But yesterday is Thailand "Loy KraThong" day,
(Full moon of the 12th month in the traditional Thai lunar calendar) 

We went to Benjasiri Park beside the Emporium shopping complex. Don't have time to go to the river but in the park is romantic moment also.

This is "KraThong" "Loy" is mean "to float" 
We do it for respect the goddess of river and float the bad thing away. 
But don't for get to make a wish~ before Loy KraThong.... ;) 

(8:44 pm  13.11.08)


: Interstella 5555 :

By aediorama

Interstella 5555 : The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem 
Daft Punk with Leiji Matsumoto & Kazuhisa Takenouchi (director and animator) 
releases on 1 December 2003,

It's the world's first movie of house musical, a story of this film is set and follow to the every songs of Daft Punk's 'Discovery' album, with no dialog or interruption. 

I like the science fiction and wonder how they created the design imagination of character, atmosphere things and story.  
Also love this band, You have to check it out! Interstella 5555 one more time!!

(12:37 pm  12.11.08)


: Niemeyer Passion :

By aediorama

Oscar Niemeyer is a Brazilian architecture who is one of the most important names in international modern architecture. His building look like a spaceship terminal with inspired from the simple form. But now this man is 100 years old... He's a genius symbol! Don't you think?  


Niemeyer also do in furniture works and it was hit me the point. Very appreciate the simple work of Club Chairs by him. It's look very modern style even though it was made in 70s!
Chrome case with leather seat look very luxury and surely suit for the modern loft home. 

Now price are very expensive in worldwide market and over price in big auction house. 
But not for local use I guess..  So we have to keep searching from foreign brother and friend.

(11:48 pm  10.11.08)


: Elda 2nd :

By aediorama
Some lucky to got this one for quite cheap. But need a perfect restoration work!! May be leather in dark champagne plus a little bit grey color will suit for this one.  Waiting for match with a current one.  Coming soooooon...

(12:17 pm  2.11.08)