This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: Weltron :

By aediorama
Poster Ads of Weltron the Space age radio made in 70's from Japan.

Next month, I'll introduce you almost of all Weltron model that I'm collected.
This is one of my favorite radio brand too.

(5:10 pm  29.4.2008)


: Acrilica Table Lamp :

By aediorama
Today I found this one.... and the last one in dealer shop. 


Acrilica table lamp designed by Joe Colombo made in 1962 for Oluce, Milan, Italy
It's the first table lamp in the world that made by Acrilic.  

It's quite rare in worldwide market, Colombo's fan must to have this one. 

(3:50 pm  29.4.2008)

: Tanin :

By aediorama
Space age design by Tanin.


"Tanin" vintage radio brand made in THAILAND!! This model I think it was made in 70s.
Some people says may be it's a prototype for Weltron 2001 (!?) space helmet radio that made in Japan. 

(9:41 pm  28.4.2008)  


: ELDA :

By aediorama

This one stay in the PAPAYA shop for 3-4 years ago..

Waiting for soulmate... But I think it already found!  :D

(11:29 am  27.04.2008)

: Elda Playboy :

By aediorama
We found this picture in Thailand vintage porn magazine! at the Ratchada night market.
We think this picture came from Playboy Mag in 60-70s .

Picture represented about space age look, Naked woman with silver helmet with silver rose sitting on the silver leather of Elda... What a Space!!
p.s. Thanks p'x for this beautiful picture. 

(6:53 pm  25.4.2008)  

: Space 1999 :

By aediorama


Elda as seen in Space : 1999 (1975) a British science-fiction television show about the journey of the occupants of a Moon base after the Moon is knocked out of orbit by a nuclear explosion.

(6:22 pm.  25.4.2008)

: Joe Colombo :

By aediorama
My favorite italian designer, Joe Colombo was born in milan in 1930. 
He is one of the most important icon designer in 60-70s.
Joe colombo with his chair "ELDA" (his wife name) My most favorite chair too.
-- -- 'Inventing the future'

sketch design of Elda chair.

In future I will introduce the only two of Elda that I've been found in Bangkok. (!)

(5:15 pm  25.4.2008)

: Rosita Stereo Commander Luxus :

By aediorama
My Rosita...
This is my Rosita and pair of Grundig audiorama  8000. 
Design for Rosita Tonmobel, Philips, Germany 1970s

The stereo have  build-in automatic turntable and tape deck made from philips.
The radio console made from Rosita.

Sound from grundig audiorama still amazing!! Since it's was made in 30-40 years ago.
(6:42 pm.  24.4.2008)


: Vision 2000 :

By aediorama

Vision 2000 stereo : designed in 1971 by Thilo Oerke for Rosita Tonmobel,
Plexiglass, white synthetic materials, on castors. h 92cm. dia 60cm.

Coming Soon!!  :)

(4:45 pm. 24.4.2008)


: Enjoy your space :

By aediorama

test 1 2 3..... "Welcome to my space" 
vintage ads : Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio 1966