This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: How High The Moon :

By aediorama

One of my most wanted iconic chair from 80's "How High The Moon" armchair designed by Shiro Kuramata 1986 for Vitra.  Look luxury in contemporary way. Very simple design in one material. Constructed entirely of steel mesh, with no interior frame or support, the design provides the outline of a chair without any of its traditional structure. We can buy brandnew from Vitra.  


Also have sofa version.. but very rare and extremely expensive. One of "How High The Moon" Sofa now ready for auction at Connect-Auction Japan in 2 NOV 2008. 
Price start around $53,600 so crazy....

(3:04 pm. 29.10.08)


: MIRA Spectrum :

By aediorama
Still coming... one of Mira Spectrum for MIRA-X fabric designed by Verner Panton 1968-1974 in my favorite pattern and color. Great to hang it on the wall with ring lamp or whatever to make the room more funk up. 
size 120 cm. x 120 cm.

(4:48 pm  28.10.08)


: Ring Lamp 2 :

By aediorama

Today arrived... Another Ring lamp in purple color made by Vitra company.

Louis Poulsen edition is more valuable than Vitra because it's a first edition of Ring lamp. 

(5:23 pm  9.10.08)


: Ring Lamp 1 :

By aediorama

Verner Panton Ring Lamp made by Louis poulsen 1970, 

Ring lamp originate as part of the Visiona installation and is a modular lighting element for wall or celling. Panton liked to use this lamp on a large scale and created impressive lighting effect with it, but used individually or in small groups the Ring Lamp also developed a strong presence in the room.  
For me it's really small tiny groups haha...


The real one is quite big (62.5 cm x 62.5 cm x 21.5 cm). I like the way that Panton hide the light blub in this ring... Awesome. 
Purple one will arrive tomorrow...  

This is the entrance door at Panton's private house in Basel Binningen.
If you want your entrance door like this I think it might be use around 100 Ring lamps!!
So you can buy it brandnew at Vitra shop, it's would be around 800-900 euro per 1 lamp!  

(4:26 pm  8.10.08)


: Lamp Arrived :

By aediorama

Lamp arrived... come with original box made by Louis Poulsen. 
Now waiting for another one. Will publish together in next week. 

Guess what?

(7:44 pm  4.10.08)

: Nagel :

By aediorama

Nagel Modular chrome candle holder, designed in 1965-1970 circa. Should be put it on the coffee or dining table. Stand alone or can be arranged in numerous ways to create different sculptures. Here's a sample for different type of Nagel. 

Type 1 : standard nagel

Type 2 :

Type 3 : 
I really love this atomic space modular type. It's very hard to find than 1 & 2 type. If anyone seen some or where to get this type please tell me!!

(3:08 pm  2.10.08)


: Colombo Phone :

By aediorama


Colombo One and Colombo Two - Both are the work of ChauhanStudio and will be in the shops from March. The designs (as the name suggest) are inspired by the work of Italian space age designer Joe Colombo. - there's even a 'Boby Trolley' colour scheme for one of the handsets. 
The Colombo one (the red one) which is a more angled headset with a flat base, the Colombo Two is similar, but with a more upright shape. Both will sell for around 40 uk pound.

(4:49 pm  1.10.08)