This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: ...A Pride As An Asian... :

By aediorama
I would like to present "Jeed S." : The sneaker lover in Thailand who collected many rare and limited edition sneakers. I'm also do appreciated his attitude about collecting stuffs and his style.


His stuffs also appear in the ARENA magazine in Connoisseur column June 2008. 

Let's check it out from "Jeed S. Sneaker"  for more information and inspiration!

(6:29 pm  23.09.08)


: Albanella still alive!! :

By aediorama

Back to 30.06.08 I was introduce my broken albanella. Now it already finished from body and paint work. Black glossy texture makes it more shinier more than before.
Take a look!!!

Still have Harvey Guzzini tag. Make this lamp totally completed.
                             Thanks dad to make it happen.

(9:42 pm  22.09.08)


: Verner Panton Visiona 2 :

By aediorama

Check this out, Really love the panton atmosphere..... It must be a freakin' cool place at that time. 

(2:00 pm  20.09.08)


: K e r a c o l o r :

By aediorama
Keracolor sphere television made in UK 1970, It's 60's iconic television also.

This one is my friend's Keracolor with the biggest size(78cm dia.). It's very heavy by using 3 persons when move it. Have some problem during shipping from UK. 

But for me, I'm looking for which one is useful. And it better to keep money to get Beovision.

(1:03 pm  12.09.08)


: Marc Held Double Bed :

By aediorama
Double bed designed by Marc Held for Prisunic, France. 
Prisunic was born as a low-priced store offering a new way of life. Plastic , pop art, crazy teenager -that was the 60's scence. 

"Beautiful things don't have to cost more than ugly ones"  Denise Fayolle
I like this brand concept and style. but now it not low-price as they said for sure...

(4:23 pm  04.09.08)