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: Weltron(GEC) 2004 :

By aediorama
 Orange Weltron model 2004 or GEC 2004, (GEC is under brand Weltron but only on sale in Australia) with pair of Weltron model 2003 speakers.  Orange is rarest color than white and yellow. 

Last month.. I found orange set in eBay. It's got highest end of auction prices that I never seen high bid on this set like this before. about $2125 !! I've to keep it and use it when I'm broke.
But Thank god it's monday...

(2:49 am  16.6.08)

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  1. Anonymous March 8, 2010 at 11:22 AM
    Just bought the orange Weltron 8 track recorder set with speakers from eBay for $464.00 US. I feel pretty good about that, always wanted an orange one.

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