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: Weltron 2001 :

By aediorama
Weltron model 2001 in yellow with original box from 1970s!  
I've to wrap the box for keep it still in good condition.

It's still in very very good condition in bright shine yellow color no mark or scratch with pair of Weltron 2003 speakers in matching color. All of Weltron portable series also came with original instruction manuals too. But I'm so lazy to take some picture of them. 
So I got model 2001 in yellow
              model 2004 in orange
              model 2010 in white
that's all enough.. :)
(3:05 am  16.06.08)

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  1. roselyn June 16, 2008 at 3:47 AM
    good looking and interesting blog… it's nice to be here! Keep on nice post :)

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