This blog is about my collections,wish lists and all about 50s-spaceage 70's design stuff that I want to present. (1:47am 22.04.08 BKK THA)

: La Chaise :

By aediorama

In loving memory of the Lamborghini Countach by Martin Meier.

(5:40 pm  29.07.09)


: JBL :

By aediorama


Just saw real JBL speaker paragon model designed in late 50s from vintage audio collector.  
Very amazing in sound mechanic designed with credenza scale. Come with JBL minigon model. 
Someone said our king also have this one.

(7:27 pm  27.07.09)


: Sold Out :

By aediorama

to somewhere in Berlin~

(10:50 am  23.07.09)


: Andre Bloc :

By aediorama
Bellevue Chair by Andre Bloc ,France 1951  Beech and Enameled steel. 
Very simple shape and materials.  Has anyone seen some?

(2:13 pm  3.07.09)